Simple in Black

Long holiday about 3 months without doing something isn't wonderful right? Well, a couple weeks a go me and my boyfriend (he's accompanied me) "pulang kampung" to Tangerang.
And yes, the weather we're different with Jogja. The polution is very much, traffic jam is everywhere. If it's not because I need to make an 'KTP' i wouldn't stayed for a long time :p
Ha? KTP? How old I'm? I'm 20 years old you know. Hahaa :))))
Dear goverment, sorry for being a black population *lol
We're just stayed for 3 days. Came back to Jogja I've got high fever :|
Now I've got cough. I loss my weight about 3-4kg.
I need to get well really really soon.

So how's your holiday guys? Or your new college / school? Did you feel something new there? :D
I hope you will. And how's the "ospek"?
Share it to me if you want hihii.
Happy fasting for you :)

Dress - unbranded
Wedges - centro


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The Look Lover said...

Really lovely look!! I'm your new follower from Italia :) I hope you'll follow me back if you like my blog,kiss,Paolo

Claireta Teressa said...

take care of your healtyness ☺
you look soo skinny and tall ._.
why don't you be a model

Refleksja said...

Great outfit! Love your dress :)

Ruby and Rosa said...

aaaa boring enough to get a long long holiday without doing anything hahahaha but going to college is disaster too with a many assignments >.< haha
anyway thank you for participate in our giveaway!
following you back sweetheart :)
anyway, love your wedges ♥

Jed - I Am Dollparts said...

hi chintya! i really love your dress, you look so pretty! i hope you feel better soon.
following you now. follow me back? :)


XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

Love your blog! followed you, hope you can follow back :)

Lily said...

gorgeous dress and photos! cute blog dear!

Chi said...

great dress, you look so pretty in it :*

Indy Andrea Mumu said...

lovely look. thanks for following back!:)


Mindy Fan said...

you are so pretty!

I follow you now!
could you follow back?

RaeAbigael said...

super love your outfit! love it to death! :D

visit my blog?
and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button dear :*

Montse (Libros Sueltos) said...

Great photos! I follow you now! :)
Could you follow back?

chachamisu said...

Nice dress, I would like to wear!
Thanks for asking, I don't mind, the more the merrier! I'm following you back, waiting for you following me too, ok:)

PS: aku asli Jogja loooo:)

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Chachamisu Photography

violet bee said...

thanks for following me :) yes, i've followed your blog. thanks again :D

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

Simple yet lovely look :)

Laces on My Dress

Jessica said...

i can't imagine having 3 months off of everything, how nice that must have been :D


Dilan Dilir said...

cute clothes :D

Hilary said...

Hope you get well soon. :)
Cute outfit. :D
Mm I just started school this week. ;-;

Lilith said...

Gorgeous. I love the shoes especially


Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

very love your wedges :)

Glossy Lala said...

Nice outfit,lovely wedges.
I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

nice dress

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Andrea said...

Wow super chic dress, I love the minimalism.

Tamara Emilia said...

Hello cinthya !!

you look so skinny and tall envy you :P
sure we can follow each other.
i'm following you now on GFC , so could you follow me back ? :D


Xixia said...

Cute cute dress! I love little black dresses like this - very simple and looks so comfortable! ^^
I hope you get well soon!
♥ xixia |

Gloria Putri said...

halo..thanks 4 dropping by on my blog.....nice blog aniway...are u from english department? so that u use english in ur post? hmmmm....a little suggest 4 u, just check ur post 1st b4 u post it...coz I notice some gramatical mistake there :)
btw... nice wedges.... adorable...get well soon dear

SebastianMx said...

You're so cute!!! your dress is great!!! As you ask, I'm glad to follow you :)

TINA said...

Casual and comfy outfit! I'm following you now! Would be great if you follow me back!

Danny said...

So sweet! The dress looks great on you.
Dear, would you like to follow each other?

Andudei said...

you look so elegant with that dress, it's beautiful.

Annisa mulia said...

Sweet chic girl ^^

Sure, dear..
Done following you :)
Be waiting for you to follow me too :D

Meilina Utomo said...

great inspiring photos

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Ashley said...

Lovely dress!

I just followed you, hope you visit my blog soon and follow back if you like it <3

blackberryfashion said...

You look pretty :)

Joshua Christian said...

I had my KTP when I was 18. So there was a year without an id card as well, don't worry you were not alone hahaha get well, Chintya! Nice wedges anyway

Patrycja Photography said...

Great blog. Interesting notes and the very nice appearance. ;p
I wish you the nice weekend. ;)
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Cindy C. said...

LOVE this outfit!! One can never go wrong with a little black dress (; Thanks for you comment on my blog! I am your newest follower, hope you can do the same for me! <3

Cindy C.

FriskaApsari said...

oh , love your wedges so much :)
check out my blog , maybe follow ? and i will follow back you :)

Street Fashion Paris said...

The depth of field is breathtaking!!! not to mention the fact that your outfits is charming!!!

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