Did you ever heard about dog fighting? Dog fighting is a form of blood sport in which game dogs are made to fight, sometimes to the death. It is illegal in most developed countries. Dog fighting is used for entertainment and may also generate revenue from stud fees, admission fees and gambling (

These dogs are not allowed to live normal lives, instead they spend their time chained in place, training or fighting. They live in small cages and in filthy conditions. Handlers use extraordinarily heavy chains to hold dogs in place, frequently adding weight to them, all with the purpose of increasing a dog’s upper-body strength. Dog are kept close to each other, but just out of reach in order to increase their antagonism.

To build endurance, dogs are forced to run on treadmills and to swim in pools sometimes for hours. To enhance aggressiveness, the animals are frequently beaten and antagonized. They may also be starved. As part of training, handlers will take cats or rabbits and use this animals as “bait”. After training with the bait, the handler unchains the dog and allows him to kill it. Handlers make their dogs tug on hanging objects, like tires to increase jaw strength. Some handlers file their dogs teeth to be as sharp as possible so that maximum damage can be inflicted (source: people.howstuffworks.comdogfighting3.htm)

There are 5 major techniques that dog men employ to justify dog fighting to:

  1. Denial of the victim– Most dog men deny the dogs are victimized by the culture of dog fighting. The dogs are glorified as fighting machine.
  2. Denial of responsibility– Dog fighting is portrayed as something that comes naturally to the dogs. They’re born to kill. Dog men found moral vindication through denial “we’re not hurting anybody and the dog’s love to fight. So what’s the harm?”
  3. Denial of injury – Dog men claim the dogs are treated well, both before and after the fights, what happens in the pit-well, “they enjoy it”.
  4. Appeal to higher authority – “Old timers” are praised as heroes, dog men believe it will raise their status by getting heavily involved.
  5. Condemnation of the condemners– dog fighters often see themselves as a misunderstood group, victims of cultural genocide.

Don’t let Indonesia be the next international animal welfare loophole in the indiscriminate breeding and abuse of Pitbull dogs. It takes a village, people from all walks of life to work together to stop cruelty to animals. Cruelty to animal’s not yet a sexy issue in Indonesia, compared to politics, corruption, etc.

  • If you’re a writer, blogger, social network activist, etc, please write about cruelty of dog fighting in Indonesia and the steps to stop dog fighting.
  • If you’re a lawyer, advocate, judge, policeman/woman, government authorities, please help to strengthen and enforce animal protection law in Indonesia.
  • If you’re street artist, musician, painter, tattoo artist, designer, photographer, don’t hesitate to show off your stop dog fighting works.
  • Who ever you’re, with your talent and skill we’re calling you to march together in stop dog fighting movement in any creative ways you can think off.

Take action to stop dog fighting in Indonesia!

Download this poster and post them.

Where’s the dog? What happen to him/her? Close down all fighting dogs concentration camp! Let’s rave in the Battle Against Animal Rotten Cruelty, contact to with your fresh and cool ideas. It’s a better way to get people motivated to do something than to only let them see the problem. Invite your friends to “STOP DOG FIGHTING! (source : @AnimalFriendsYK)

More info follow on twitter @AnimalFriendsYK and

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animal are treated-Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Independence Day INDONESIA ^0^



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What a great post!! nice :)

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Dewanti Primayani said...

great post! i have dogs at home and I love them all! i can't stand seeing people doing dog fighting just for fun.

Jessica said...

this is so sad , it is great you are posting to bring awareness! it is hard to believe anyone would do such a thing to an animal like this


SebastianMx said...

it's so sad that kind of things happen, great post

Karina Novia said...

You did a great job great writings <3 I feel touched
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Kimberly said...

Great post. Thanks for being such a passionate advocate. Awareness is key...

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Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

I do agree with this post!<3


juventine wu said...

Agree! Great post xx!

White Ocean Boo said...

i have so many dogs.. and one of them is a Pitbull..
and usually pitbulls are using for dog fighting.. because of its strength might to destroy anything..

but i'm not kind a person like that.. i'm an animal lover ..

and i'm totally support your post!

Gald i found your blog..
i'm your followers now..

mind to follback?

Jelena Dimić said...

I hate dog fighting. I don't know how anyone can enjoy animal abuse. :'(

Xixia said...

Ugh, this is tragic. Truly tragic. While some dogs are naturally more aggressive, that doesn't mean they should be encouraged to fight and possibly maim one another. Thanks for making a post on this.

♥ xixia |


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Tiffany Ticonuwu said...

agree with this post, great post!

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Andudei Hardyanta said...

it's so mean..
paling benci binatang dijadiin alat kaya gitu. -.-

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing this :)

Joshua Christian said...

Creepy. It reminds me how men used to be treated like that in the past. Perhaps I tolerate eating any kind of animal, but to torture them in any way is truly intolerable. Let's see if I could express our concern about this in the future,

Ikmalia Anindita said...

yakin banget, masa gak muncul di list follower sih?

sara josephine - sartob said...

omg, i couldn't agree more! this dog fighting needs to stop!


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Mustika Hayati said...

I never know this before
nice post dear !
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Mustika Hayati said...

I never know this before
nice post dear !
maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

Omg kasian bgt! Poor them ;( i wish people make dogs as their friends ;)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

gosh i can't stand this :( animal abusers are hands down uneducated and do not deserve the privileges and power human are granted.


Robots in Trouble said...

well... this breaks my heart :[

have a lovely weekend!

Pramudita Puspita said...

hello pretty!

nourash! said...

nice post

Cindy C. said...

This is so horrible :( I hate how this is still happening I dont understand how people can be so cruel to a man's best friend :'( Shame on them, and good for you for raising awareness about this situation <3

Cindy C.

Shinly Fransisca said...

omigod, i haven't heard that. but they're mean people. gosh.

chachamisu said...

It is terribly sad! I am glad there's person like you who cares about. I hope your voice reach a lot of people that can do followup action

Nataya (Chachamisu)
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Stevia said...

such horrible things!
hopefully it ends soon

The Sweetest Escape

Danny said...

It's good to see that are people worried about this. I absolutely hate dog fighting, it's so sad, humans are so terrible.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetheart! :) :) i love your blog, i think this post is lovely :) :) followed <3 :)

atmo said...

jadi inget dengan acaranya si Caesar penyayang anjing di dogwishper
kalo adu anjing gak suka, tapi kadang masih juga "makan" hehehe...salam.

Triando (Rian) said...

top dog, chicken, or whatever fighting. All of them are bad anyway.

Mitha Komala said...

it is so cruel to ask living things to fight, inspiring post! <3

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Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Such an inspiring post dear! Animals are as same as human. They deserve better treatment


NaNa said...

important post you did and thank you for that!

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Catherine Au Jong said...

great post! d like to support!!

circleofchaos said...

Nice post.
This is so terrible.:-(
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