26 September 2014

I'm Back!

Hellooooooooooo! It's over a year I don't do post anything on my blog. Hiksss. Now I'm officially back!! Yes yes yes :)

I was really really busy with my thesis, but now I had graduated last April :) Yiippppyyy.

I'm gonna share some pict(s) of 'it' :D

I think that's enough ;D

Btw, I don't have any idea what should I do right now in front of my laptop. And did you know what did I click? Zalora
They're one of the biggest online fashion center in Indonesia. Well, I need a new shoes, I'm going to see their collection for boots. Since my leg was skinny, it's a little bit hard to find the suit one for me. But I don't need to worry, because Zalora had a lot of choices :D

Which is suit for my leg?
Please let me know :p

26 May 2013

HELLO 21 years old

I'm officially 21 years old today :) thank you so much for the wishes guys, especially for my friends who has give me a surprise.. I love you all, i'm so happy ;)

Oh well, the reason why I'm hiatus from blogging is I have been busy with my thesis, I have to get graduate this year, so I’m on a rush for my thesis. Wish me luck and this semester my lecturers gimme a lot of assignments too, oh my oh my. I can’t even breath hahah oh no, I’m getting bigger this thing. Let skip :p

I’m miss a lot to doing photo session for my blog, blog walking, following each other.

Well, I will make it as a quick post.. :)
This photo was taken when I had nothing to do, the theme are childish and playful, so please don’t mind about my silly face *cross finger*

By the way, do you love discount? I do love.
I want to introduce you DSKON.com ;) DSKON.com is collected and give you the best deal for your need. From local brand and international brand with big discount. Its safe and easy to shop online with DSKON.com. They have the best offers for fashion, electronic & gadget, food culinary.

What makes DSKON.com more interesting for me is their blog and fashion portal. Their blog have a list of fashion bloggers and talking about fashion what’s on trend now. 

www.dskon.com homepage
fashion portal on www.dskon.com

source: http://bmc.org/about/news/featurestories-prevent-melanoma-skin-cancer.htm

One of their article I read and interested is "how to maintain your skin", why? Because the weather was unpredictable now. It will help a little bit for me :)

Jacket unbranded // Tanktop Miami Beach // Shoes Genique // Short Jeans unbranded // Random Accessories

22 February 2013

GeniqueShoes >< 188designstudio

Did you know about my web store, www.geniqueshoes.com? What do you think about that web? How about the design, is that cute? Are you curious who’s the designer? 

Well, let me introduce you www.188designstudio.com, a professional web designer based in Indonesia. Who’s the owner? Her name is Ryza Sugiharto, you can call her Shaa.

Before www.geniqueshoes.com launching, I ever think to made a web store for @GeniqueShoes by my self. And I have planned it for my thesis, but I think its too long to wait for. But, lucky I’m, one day Shaa is offer me to make GeniqueShoes web’s. Without blablablanananina I said YES.

After the deal, we never lost contact. Almost all of communication tools we used, woke up in the morning, lunch, and before I went to slept we do the communication non stop. Hahaha. Of course before start to make the design, I should buy the domain and hosting. She will always ask me first about the design, am I agree or disagree. If I don’t, then she will give me another option. When Shaa make the design, I’m prepare the catalogue and all of the things that will be fill in on the web store.

The portofolio(s). You can check it out at www.188designstudio.com

What did I think when she's doing GeniqueShoes web’s: she’s have a commitment to provide her best service, though like she’s a fussy girl hahahhaah :D but I’m pretty sure, its for our own purpose too. Cause I knew well, if I’m not reminded by her, I will prepare it slowly.

And you know what? GeniqueShoes web was done in a couple days. Ha? A couple days? YES! For me, to make an web store isn’t easy. But she did it! I’m absolutely SATISFIED!!!!!

Want to make a web store, personal blog, company profile, etc? Then www.188designstudio.com is your answer ;) if you have any question, please feel free to email her at shaa@188designstudio.com or follow their twitter @188designstudio 

PS: this is a review post, this post is my own opinion.
Want to have a review on my blog? Don’t hesistate to email me at chintya@geniqueshoes.com / mention me on twitter @chintyadewi ;)