HELLO 21 years old

I'm officially 21 years old today :) thank you so much for the wishes guys, especially for my friends who has give me a surprise.. I love you all, i'm so happy ;)

Oh well, the reason why I'm hiatus from blogging is I have been busy with my thesis, I have to get graduate this year, so I’m on a rush for my thesis. Wish me luck and this semester my lecturers gimme a lot of assignments too, oh my oh my. I can’t even breath hahah oh no, I’m getting bigger this thing. Let skip :p

I’m miss a lot to doing photo session for my blog, blog walking, following each other.

Well, I will make it as a quick post.. :)
This photo was taken when I had nothing to do, the theme are childish and playful, so please don’t mind about my silly face *cross finger*

By the way, do you love discount? I do love.
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What makes DSKON.com more interesting for me is their blog and fashion portal. Their blog have a list of fashion bloggers and talking about fashion what’s on trend now. 

www.dskon.com homepage
fashion portal on www.dskon.com

source: http://bmc.org/about/news/featurestories-prevent-melanoma-skin-cancer.htm

One of their article I read and interested is "how to maintain your skin", why? Because the weather was unpredictable now. It will help a little bit for me :)

Jacket unbranded // Tanktop Miami Beach // Shoes Genique // Short Jeans unbranded // Random Accessories


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